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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a civilian attorney on my case when I can get a military lawyer appointed to help me?

When you find yourself in trouble with the military, you need to do everything you can to ensure your rights are being protected by someone with experience in military judicial and administrative processes. You also need someone that can limit the number of cases they have so that they can put the appropriate amount of focus on your case. While many military defense counsel are competent, they typically are 0-3’s or junior 0-4’s that have not participated in hundreds of courts-martial. Another possible down-side to a military defense counsel is that they are frequently unable to turn down cases when their case load gets hectic. Finally, while a civilian attorney may have the same continuing legal education requirements as a military attorney, they do not have the same distractions a military member will have with ancillary training, professional military education, performance reports and other military related obligations.
Attorney Mike Coco has participated in hundreds of courts-martial as a defense counsel, military judge, and prosecutor. He has the experience with advocacy and legal analysis to ensure you get what you need to put yourself in the position of getting the best possible legal outcome under the law and facts of your case. He knows what expert assistant you may need, where to find it, and how to fight to get it for you. In addition, Mike is not going to ignore your call because he is too buried with other clients or distractions. Mike is ready to serve those that serve their country.

I have been told that as a military member I no longer have any rights. Is that true?

Military members have similar constitutional rights as civilians such as the right to remain silent when being questioned by law enforcement when suspected of violating the UCMJ or when they have a reasonable expectation of privacy in their property. When a person enters the military, they do lose some freedom of movement and the ability to act in certain ways. If you believe your rights have been violated or want to call a lawyer before waiving any of your rights, please contact my office to see if I can be of assistance.

If I hire a civilian, will that guarantee that I will win my case?

No attorney can ever guarantee that they will win any particular case. Each case if different factually and legally. When faced with military adverse action, whether under the UCMJ or administrative actions, you have to decide what tools you will need to get in a position to secure the best possible outcome in your case. Please call my office to talk about your individual case and determine if I can help you meet your goals.
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