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My mission is to optimize my military justice experience to provide professional, aggressive military defense services to military members of all branches of service, worldwide, to ensure they will achieve the best possible outcome in their legal proceedings.

Attorney Mike Coco is currently the owner of the Law Office of Michael J. Coco, P.A. He is a civilian attorney who practices military defense law. He helps military members and former military members of all branches of service with criminal and administrative matters when the military or federal government is taking adverse actions against them.

Prior to retiring and moving to the civilian sector, Mike spent 16 years as a member of the Air Force Judge Advocate General Corps. In his last assignment, Mike was a Military Judge for 4 years, assigned to Charleston Air Force Base, South Carolina and Joint Base Andrews, Maryland. During this assignment, Mike had the opportunity to work with attorneys that served in all branches of the Department of Defense. In addition, he was able to train with judges from all services. Through this experience, Mike was able to learn how judges in all branches of service make their decisions. He brings this knowledge to the civilian sector to be able to help members in all aspects of trial including motion practice and litigation in front of both military judges and juries.

Prior to serving as a military judge, Mike was a Senior Defense Counsel assigned to the Rocky Mountain Region at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado for three years. In this assignment, Mike was detailed to some of the most complex and high-profile cases that the Air Force had. Mike served as lead counsel in a case of an Air Force nurse accused of killing three patients. This case garnered national attention and results in an acquittal for the client of all charges and specifications against him. As a Senior Defense Counsel, Mike was able to hone his skills as a military criminal defense advocate and develop techniques to achieve many great results for his clients both in and out of the courtroom. Mike litigated a full spectrum of criminal issues including successfully representing clients for charges of murder, rape, larceny, fraud against the government, computer crimes, and drug offenses. He mastered how to obtain and use expert witnesses in a wide variety of subject matters including forensic computer analysis, forensic psychology, false confessions, toxicology, medical examins, and financial issues. He also advised senior officers in actions regarding removal from command, senior officer unfavorable information files, and officer grade determinations.

Prior to being a Senior Defense Counsel, Mike spent three years as an Assistant Professor of Law at the United States Air Force Academy. During this assignment, while he was not actually in the courtroom, Mike taught criminal law and various aspects of criminal law and procedures. He also maintained his advocacy skills by coaching the cadet mock trial team.

Before his teaching assignment, Mike served as a Circuit Trial Counsel at Travis Air Force Base in California. He prosecuted a wide range of complex criminal cases including a high-profile espionage case arising out of Guantanamo Bay, financial crimes, sexual assault cases and drug offenses.

Mike served as the Area Defense Counsel at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida. It was in this assignment, that he began to develop his passion for helping service members. He represented airman in courts-martial, adverse administrative actions, flight and medical evaluation boards and other adverse actions. This assignment taught him to appreciate that everyone deserves that best possible zealous representation no matter what the allegations were against them and that they, as service members and American citizens, deserved and needed to have passionate, competent counsel to protect their constitutional rights.

Mike went to law school at the University of New Mexico, School of Law and graduated in 1997. During law school, Mike worked for three different civil litigation firms where he learned what litigation was and that it was the field in which he wanted to practice in the future. Prior to law school, Mike graduated summa cum laude from the University of New Mexico with a dual major in political science and economics.

Mike began his military career as an enlisted Marine. He put his feet on the yellow footprints at Marine Corps Recruiter Depot in San Diego, California in 1984. He served an avionics technician on CH–53 helicopters at Tustin Marine Corps Air Station in Orange County, California. Mike understands the pressures of being enlisted Marine and the culture of the Marine Corps.

In addition to his 20 years of military service, Mike grew up as a military dependent. He grew up on Marine Corps and Navy bases around the world. Mike understands military culture and the differences between the services. He understands the unique nature of the military environment for military members and their families. He fully appreciate the consequences of government action against those military members that happens.

Mike stands ready to defend the right of any military member that finds themselves on the wrong end of the military justice scales. He is ready to serve those who serve.

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Law Office of Michael J. Coco, P.A. is owned by Attorney Michael J. Coco. He is a member in good standing of the State Bar of California and has been admitted to practice in the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces