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UCMJ Practice Areas

  • Article 15, or non-judicial punishment, is a forum in which a commander can decide guilt or innocence and punish minor offenses under the UCMJ.
  • Article 32 hearings are proceedings in which an investigating officer inquires into the sufficiency of the evidence, the form of the charges and makes recommendations to the convening authority for the disposition of the case.
  • Courts-martial are trials for alleged criminal offenses under the UCMJ.
  • Reprimands, admonishments, counseling or instruction are tools for commanders or supervisors to correct minor disciplinary infractions or failure to meet standards.

Admin Practice Areas

  • These are procedures to discharge military members for a variety of reasons including disciplinary infractions, medical issues, mental health issues, failure to meet weight standards, and poor performance.
  • All services have procedures in place to correct errors or injustices in military member records.
  • Commanders may direct internal unit investigations for a variety of reasons to include disciplinary problems, allegations of sexual harassment, or violations of regulations.
  • These are administrative boards to determine if rated personnel can continue to perform flying duties.
  • All services have procedures in place to determine if members with illnesses or injuries can continue to perform military duties.
  • Commanders may deny re-enlistment to members with unsatisfactory duty performance or disciplinary issues.
  • Unlike a reprimand for UCMJ violations, commanders and supervisors can use these tools to document and correct performance deficiencies or failure to meet standards.
  • Senior officers face unique consequences when faced with any type of judicial or administrative corrective tool or removal from a command position.


Mike has litigated a full spectrum of criminal issues including successfully representing clients for charges of murder, rape, larceny, frauds against the government, computer crimes and drug offenses. During his sixteen years as a member of the Air Force Judge Advocate General Corps, Mike had the opportunity to train with and observe members of all branches and is able to help members in all aspects of trial including motion practice and litigation in front of both military judges and juries.


Attorney Mike Coco is a civilian attorney who practices military defense law, helping military members and former military members with criminal and administrative matters. Mike stands ready to defend the rights of any military member that finds themselves on the wrong end of the military justice scales. He is ready to serve those who serve.

Notable Cases by Michael J. Coco
Notable Cases
  • Young service member charged with downloading inappropriate images of children and another serve member charged with engaging in inappropriate computer communications with a minor.
  • Military member charged with using and distributing exstacy and marijuana and a 19 year Senior NCO charged with using multiple drugs after failing multiple urinalysis tests.
  • O-6 client charged with inappropriately touching his adopted teenage son and another senior officer disciplined in the 2008 nuclear scandals.
  • Air Force Academy Cadet charged with raping a fellow cadet and an active duty E-4 charged with raping a fellow service member.
  • Young, active duty father charged with smothering his child.
  • Military nurse was charged with the murder of three patients in an intensive care unit.
Notable Cases by Michael J. Coco
How Can We Help

Beyond the “usual” types of actions that a military member may be facing, a great number of other legal challenges can arise when a command takes some action against a member. It would be impossible to identify and list them all. However, Mike Coco is ready to talk about your unique circumstances to determine if you can use experienced military defense attorney help. Please e-mail or call if you believe you may have a potential issues that you need help with resolving.