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Drug Crimes

Attorney Mike Coco defended a client accused of distributing and using ecstasy and marijuana. The case was initiated by the FBI who were attempting to investigate a case involving stolen weapons from an FBI vehicle. Their investigation led them to my client’s associates. During the investigation, law enforcement found drugs, drug paraphernalia, and what appeared to be the remnants of mailing items used to mail drugs. Through the cross examination of the government expert witnesses in fingerprinting and DNA, Mike was able to show that our client had never touched any of the items that were found in his house. The defense was also able to show that the client’s roommate had confessed to actually doing all the things that our client had been accused of doing. However, when it came to trial, that witness had made himself unavailable. The defense was able to convince the judge into allowing a written statement by the roommate into evidence despite the hearsay rules. Finally, the cross examination of the only eyewitness who alleged our client had actually been around the drugs showed the witness to be a self-interested, felon who had just worked himself a deal in exchange for the testimony against our client. The client was acquitted of all charges and specifications against him.

Attorney Mike Coco also represented a military member in the grade of E-7 with 19 ½ years of service who was charged with using multiple drugs on many occasions.. This client was caught on three urinalysis tests and came up positive for three separate controlled substances in those urine samples. The defense discovered evidence that had been tempered with by law enforcement officials. During cross-examination of a fairly routine foundation witness, the defense was able to show that the urinalysis specimen cup used by our client on the first test had some foreign substance in it prior to the client providing a sample. Through the cross-examination of the government’s forensic toxicologists, the defense was able to show problems with the urine testing processes at the government laboratory and the fallibility of that particular system. The client was acquitted of all charges against him and was able to retire as scheduled. After the trial concluded, one jury member stated that if she were ever in trouble, she definitely wanted Coco as her lawyer.
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